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Month 1 – Aug 2019

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Lets start this off with a BANG! 💣 This is our new look. (pretty snazzy, eh?) Along with our new look we have obtained a clean slate to start from the beginning. gauge For those of you who are new to Achievr, and our designs – We make cool stuff, sell the designs, and sometimes the products too! In the past we’ve built robotic hands, modular shelving (out of recyclable cardboard), omni-tools, interactive statues, and the likes!  

buy cabergoline uk еxercise Past this post, each and every month we are going to feature brand new products, designs, and programs. There will be a sneak peek each week leading up to the final release! (So check back often to see cool stuff going on in the background) defend You can also find out what I’m up to (Maybe gleam a few extra sneak peeks) through my social profiles. Come chat with me, I’m friendly – I swear!  😊