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Ambi-Sense (Ambient Scent Canister)

Discrete, Compact, and Smelly. (In a good way!)

The Ambi-Sense is a discrete way to ambiently make a room smell great! loaded with dense sponges to hold onto that great smelling scent, all while being smaller than a flip-phone! (People still use those, right?)

Slide it into a closet, or hide it in a kitchen drawer and enjoy that sweet sweet freshness.

Minimalist Panel Wallet

Why carry more than you use? Keep it simple with this wallet!

A few cards, and some I.D, thats all you really need right? That’s exactly why we designed this super simple minimalist wallet! Just throw any old rubber band on this bad boy and you are good to go!

Fits easily in a back pocket or an extremely small bag pocket.

Reclaimed Box Shelves

A quick, eco-friendly option to shelving!

One rainy day, mid-april we needed new shelves. Long story short, we made some sweet floating shelf brackets, and all you need is a cardboard box and a few screws! 

Great for craft rooms, temporary set-ups, or a maker’s office!

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